Web Page Suggestions


This is intended to assist faculty and staff at Ulster County Community College, in the creation of official web pages. Contact the Web Coordinator or Office of Information Technology for assistance in readying your page for inclusion on the web site.


The minimum content for Departmental pages should include the following:

     Additional information could include degree/certificate/diploma programs offered by the department, courses and syllabi, programs and services, announcements, news and events.

The minimum content for a Personal page would include:

Additional information may include personal comments, background or biographical information, your areas of research and interests, and links to relative sites.

The minimum content for a Course page should include the same vital information that you hand out in class on the first day of class including:

You might include personal comments on your course, your style of teaching and expectations, background information on yourself, your areas of research and study interests, and (optionally) your personal interests. Other material might include course schedule, assignments and answers, a reading list, a list of links to related sites, previous exam questions and answers, review questions, handouts, lecture materials and announcements.

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Your basic design should include the following:

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When building your pages, consider the following:

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You should decide the style and format that best suits your goals. Instructors, keep your primary audience in mind as you design your pages

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The Office of Information Technology and the Web Coordinator can offer assistance for instructors to develop instructional web pages for their courses. Be sure you know the correct URL (uniform resource locator, http://...) address for your instructional web site and that you provide the URL to your students, preferably in writing. Include alternate text for images, for the benefit of browsers without graphics capabilities.

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While the design and content of your instructional web pages is up to you, take into consideration these items:

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Web pages require College resources and therefore must adhere to College policies as outlined in the Ulster County Community College Technology Policy, with particular web page related policy stated in Section 18. Please review this policy prior to building your web pages, and if you have any questions, please contact:

Jack Murphy, Web Coordinator (DEW 205, 687-5219) 
or the Office of Information Technology Help Desk (687-5169)

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